Honorary Life Members

The Huntsville Photographic Society (HPS) wishes to recognize and honor those individuals who have contributed to or provided for the development, betterment, promotion and appreciation of the art and science of photography through contributions to HPS and significant service to the photographic community.

Therefore, at any time, HPS members may nominate in writing to the Board non-HPS members for Lifetime Honorary Membership. After deliberation and receiving a majority vote of the Board during a Board meeting, the nominee shall be declared a lifetime Honorary Member of The Huntsville Photographic Society.

The nominee shall be informed and upon acceptance, shall be mailed or delivered a certificate signed and dated by the president certifying the honor. At the earliest opportunity, when the nominee can be present at an appropriate HPS event, the presiding HPS officer shall make a public recognition to the honoree. A permanent record both printed and electronic shall be placed in the archives of HPS and an announcement shall be published in the next HPS newsletter.

The Honorary Member shall be afforded all rights and privileges of a regular member. Upon their agreement, their name may be published on HPS communications including stationary, newsletters, brochures, and web sites.

May 13, 2008, as revised and approved by the HPS Board Oct. 13, 2008

The following are recognized as HPS Lifetime Honorary Members

Barry Jackson

Betsy Tarkington

Malcolm Tarkington