HPS promotes a number of activities in addition to our monthly photo competition (which is discussed in the Competition Section).

Program Nights: There is a monthly program night held the 2nd Monday of each month at the Huntsville Public Library starting at 7:00pm.

Mini Classes: Many months there is a “Mini Class” held prior to the competition night starting at 6:00pm.

5th Monday: Throughout the year on the months which host a 5th Monday we have a special forum night with a variety of topics.

Photographic Outings: We also like to have photographic outings occasionally.

Social Media: We will try to keep this section up to date but for the latest and most up to date information, members please join us on the HPS facebook page. For our members that are on Flickr, there is an HPS members only flickr group of which the latest postings can also be seen on this website’s Flickr page.

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